Friday, July 31, 2015

Leg Leg and More Leg

I didn't realize how spoiled I was jumping Charlie. Most of my lessons on him have been getting him to stay in an easy rhythm and not hauling ass around. His idea of a good lesson would be for me to just get out of the way and let him pick the direction and speed. I'm pretty sure if he talked he would say, "Cross-rails are bull shit. You hang on and I'll find something fun to jump. And for the love of God get out of my way I've got this." Anyway, I have a clinic this weekend and Pongo pulled not just one but both of his shoes. Face palm... He may or may not be sound when he gets them back on (fingers crossed), so I've been looking for a back up horse.

Enter Blue who is an adorable Percheron/Quarter Horse cross. He is owned by the sweetest lady in the world and she is letting me borrow him if Pongo isn't sound. Since I'm not a total idiot, I borrowed him yesterday so I could get a ride in on him before the clinic. I don't want to make an ass out of myself by climbing on a horse I've never ridden in front of a clinician. I'm totally cool with doing that on the flat, but jumping I'm very unsure about everything really. Thankfully I realized this.

We started off a hot mess. I had been warned I needed A LOT of leg. Sadly I did not get the concept of what is a lot of leg. Charlie requires zero encouragement and Pongo just needed a touch of support to keep him straight. Blue and I plowed our first jump. I didn't have any problem sticking with him but I was so ashamed. This very kind lady is loaning me her pony and I'm sucking at riding. So I decided to get my big girl panties on and get over this jump. Keep in mind another girl who does jumpers has jumped him over three feet and I'm plowing a cross rail that is sbout 20"...

So I get my leg on line him up to the jump and....jump it from a stop. Not just once but two or three times. I'm getting pissed at this point. Not at Blue, it's not his fault I'm riding like shit. I'm packing a crop but I can't get my coordination together enough to use it. I did make one attempt and forgot it wasn't a dressage whip and popped myself. Honestly I was the one that needed it anyway.

Finally I just gritted my teeth and was like we are jumping this from a canter come hell or high water and we did. I am sure it was ugly and I shouldn't be as proud as I was but after that we did much better. We even jumped a couple in a row. Although I did cowboy kick between the jumps because I can't remember to use that mother trucking crop except on myself.

On a side note I'm doing cross country this weekend on with Pongo or Blue and guess who has never done cross country before. Yep that would be me and it's in a clinic. Here is to not making an ass out of myself and S. I'm terrified I will embarrass her. Not so much me, I honestly don't care if I make a fool out of myself. It's a learning experience but I really don't want to make a poor showing for S's sake.

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