Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sad Panda

I think I was overly hopeful about being able to ride Stinker for D.  He still has some lingering lameness.  All I can tell is it is associated with his left hind.  Beyond that I am worthless.  The vet will be back out next week.  I hate how long this is dragging on.  It has been a month and half since I stopped working him.  I am doing ground work with him.  It is all at the walk (unless he volunteers the trot), because he looks fine at the walk.  The poor little guy is so bored.  He will periodically stop and look at me like, "Seriously, how long do I have to walk?  This is stupid."  While I agree with him, I don't know what else to do with him.

On a happy note, Pongo has been making really good progress.  I had to lessons with S on him and at the start of the second one he actually felt like a supple horse.  He is really starting to understand the concept of inside leg to outside rein.  Which I am very please about...It took me far longer to understand the concept and even longer to actually develop the feeling for what you are searching for.  I am glad that I have the opportunity to ride Pongo while Stinker is out.  I would be completely nuts if I didn't have something to ride and all my time was devoted to obsessing.  I finally took some pictures of Pongo.  They are pretty terrible, but he likes to be in your pocket which makes things difficult.

Pongo has lost his stall and is very sad about being outside 24/7.

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