Monday, February 1, 2016

Good News From The Doc

The vet did have good news.  Sadly it wasn't that I had racked up enough frequent flyer miles and this one was free... A girl can dream.  I would be there if vets did this program, and I really think they should.

He really should have frequent flyer status.

There was absolutely no back soreness!!!  Nor was he sore along the ribs where some horses can get sore due to poor saddle fit.  This made me extremely happy because I love that saddle and I would have been crying in the corner if it was making him sore.  The fact that the saddle has air flocking and a flex tree made me nervous.  The only experience I have had with English saddles are the more traditional English/German made saddles.  So this saddle was a bit of a stretch for me.

The vet also agreed with me about the ulcers, so we have started a 30 day treatment plan.  Hopefully this will make Mr. Grouchy Pants go away.  And maybe he will quit kicking his stall down.  I'm so ashamed. 

Less of this face please.

Another concern I have been having involved Stinker's teeth.  He bites at another horse and bites wire which is wearing the left side of his teeth.  I was worried that this might cause long term problems, but the vet assured me that this would not be the case.

The vet was also sure to reiterate that this is the best Stinker has looked.  While I am not happy with his muscling, his coat looks great and his weight is still going up.  So we are doing things right.  It just is taking more time than Captain Impatient wants to put the muscle back on him.  So I really need to take a chill pill and take my time.  PS sorry for the lack of new media.  My phone doesn't have a case and well I have a history of breaking them at the barn...

More of this face!


  1. that's awesome news about the vet being so happy with how he looks, and his back! i pretty much worry constantly about my mare's back... it gets old fast haha. hopefully Stinker responds well to the ulcer treatment too!

    1. I was so happy about the back! And I do think that the treatment will help. It gives me something else to obsess over at the very least...

  2. a good vet report is always nice to hear! And I totally think we should convince vets about frequent flyer points! lol

    1. Seriously! Although they already know we are loyal and will keep coming we don't have much bargaining power