Friday, February 19, 2016

How D Earns Her Keep

AKA why I am a nutty client and I am pretty sure I should pay her double.  We were having a conversation today about a problem I have been noticing about Stinker (sadly these are pretty normal).  It went something like this...

Me:  Be prepared to laugh.  I drew you a picture of what Stinker feels like he is doing.

I was trying to do a circle to the left...

I want to get him to where he has some semblance of left bend, but I will be ok with just straighter.  When I try to swing the haunches in, the head/neck compress, the back hollows, and everything tenses.  I've tried adding more outside rein and inside leg, but that has a similar result.  I am at a bit of a loss.

D:  This seems backwards, but take the nose neck and shoulders right and push the haunches left.  So make a diagonal right but stay on your circle.  If he seems uncomfortable (which is kind of the point) release it and see if he stays straight then.

Me:  Like this?  Maybe not quite as extreme...I can't draw.

D:  You are probably going to have to make it extreme or you will still feel like he is crooked, but yes.

Me:  Should I mostly ignore the tension?  Obviously I will try to keep the head out of my face but the instant I start moving his haunches Mr. Saddlebred wants to come out (choppy, tense, braced in his neck).

D:  I would fix it but within the exercise.

Me:  WTF, I struggle with that when he is all kinked up how am I going to manage this plus the exercise????  (Inner dialog...I spared her that thought.)

Me:  Gah I need a lesson (or 50) with you.

D:  You are doing fine.  And you do lesson with me.

Me:  I meant one where you could yell at me.  Those fix things more quickly.  I miss the yelling.

D:  Most people would find you strange.

Me:  Most people would be right.

I love the fact that this conversation does not phase her at all and that she can decipher my post it note scribbles.  Because let's face it, I can not draw well.  And quite frankly I am not very good at describing issues.  I am getting better (saying something doesn't feel right, but I don't know what it is doesn't get me very far anymore).


  1. I thought the drawings were pretty clear, which either means they make sense or I am wildly misunderstanding you.

    1. Or an even scarier thought...your brain works like mine. I thought they got the point across, but lacked some of the creativity some other bloggers demonstrate. :)

  2. ha i love the diagrams! trying to describe a horse's unique set of issues is challenging for me too, esp if it's something i'm not i even fully understand... also D sounds like such a great trainer. will there ever be opportunities for you two to lesson together in the actual same physical space at any point?

    1. She came down for a clinic last summer but Stinker was out of commission. I was trying to get another one scheduled this spring but I couldn't make it work. Maybe this fall... I really need her to yell at me ;)

  3. I like the drawings! It makes sense to me!

    1. Thanks. I tried describing it before I went F it and started scribbling. :)