Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pongo The Show Pony

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but my internet at home crapped out yet again. Boo internet providers. They charge out the wahzoo and then don't deliver...I wish I could do that and not get fired.

Anyway, as I mentioned before S took Pongo to a recognized event this past weekend. Sadly I didn't get to go. Instead I worked and watched the eventing showcase, which wasn't too horrible. Also I don't have any media from the show. Double boo.

How I spent my Saturday.

So the highlights. They were sitting third after dressage on a score of 38.5. I think that is a pretty accurate reflection of where he is at. The judge wrote he was a "darling youngster" (go Pongo!). I think he is darling but I might be a smidge bias. S said he was a little looky but overall a very good boy.

He was a total rockstar for stadium. They went double clear and S said he felt fantastic. He was super adjustable and right on point. The fences could have been a lot higher and he would have been fine.

Cross country got a little interesting. The first couple of fences were essentially glorified ground poles. Then they came down the hill to a coop and Pongo saw another horse. He was so busy staring at the other horse he didn't see the jump. When he finally looked, he ducked out. The circled and he ducked out again. I've had this happen (ditch video anyone) so it made me feel slightly better. Anyway, S got him over it and then his brain clicked on.

Looks pretty darling to me.

The rest of the course was good. He wanted to go and was over jumping a lot of things and was looky but they finished. They did pick up some time penalties and with the two stops that tipped them over 100. And dropped them into last 5th since one person was eliminated.

I am super proud of him even if his final score was crap. It was his first show ever. It was his first time hauling and his first overnight trip. He did his job and they finished. Not to mention that they rocked dressage and stadium! Sure they had a bobble on cross country but that is the first cross country course he has seen besides ours. He is young and I think he will make an awesome little eventer. Sadly, I do think he is going to be offered for sale, but S is going to wait and get him running beginner novice and schooling novice, so hopefully he will get a good home.

The younger girls kicked butt! They were 1, 2, and 7 in their division and one is now qualified for the AECs. The older girls struggled a bit in stadium, but everyone had a blast. I'm really proud of this barn because we aren't the fanciest nor are the girls aren't riding fancy horses, but they work hard and have fun. And at the end of the day it is paying off.


  1. awwww good boy Pongo! bummer about the penalties, but that honestly just sounds like green stuff that will get worked out with mileage. you must have been so proud of his dressage and stadium tho! so glad everyone had fun!!

    1. They totally were green stuff. And I'm so proud of them. I'm still cheesing :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I am so pleased with him and he isn't even mine.