Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Wanderings

Sunday, Stinker and I went for a trail ride on some trails I had been wanting to explore.  It wasn't quite as long as I had originally planned, but the climbs were steeper than I had anticipated and I didn't want to wear out his hind too much.  The goal is to build muscle not make him so tired he starts compensating.

We started down on the level of the lake

I always think it is fun when I have him out on the trails because I regularly get asked what breed he is.  Yesterday, I got asked if he was a racehorse.  It made me giggle, but I just smiled and said, "No, he is a saddlebred."  And people no longer look terrified they are going to get run over because he is flailing.

I had a very enjoyable ride and the trails were nice.  Hopefully the next time I will be able to check out another way down.  There was a bunch of wild horses and I really don't want to see what happens if you get too close.  One ran quite aways up the hill when it saw us.  I was a little nervous we were going to get chased down, but luckily it stopped about half way up.  We also ran into a couple of bucks.



  1. That combination of sparkle hat and browband 😍😍😍 those trails sound fun! I'd be nervous out getting to close to wild horses too, but what a neat photo op!

  2. So he is learning to go down hills now, yes?

    1. Well I discovered he doesn't have a down hill problem. He has a "I can't walk home like a horse" problem that will be resolved ASAP

  3. oh man, such beautiful (and alien to me) trails! i love how relaxed he looks in that pic too haha. maybe all along he's been wishing for the desert?

  4. Wild horses? So cool! Stinker sounds like he is really growing up