Monday, August 14, 2017

Working Weekend

My to do list is getting much longer than my done list.  I am struggling to juggle everything (especially since work has pretty normal hours which is very abnormal) and it makes me terrified to think of what my life is going to look like once work ramps back up to the normal workload.  Either way, I was able to check a few things off my to do list this weekend.

No grass, but weeds grow well

First up was mowing.  The paddocks had been over run by weeds and they needed to be cut before they went to seed.  So most of Saturday evening and part of Sunday afternoon were spent knocking that out.

Boomer and the non matching groomer

Then someone thought it would be fun to poop in the water trough, so that had to be dumped scrubbed and refilled.  I am betting that lasts all of two days before they do it again.  I also managed to overflow the trough when I was refilling.  Hopefully that will dry up.

Freshly mowed paddock

I also finally got around to dragging the ring.  It was rather nerve wracking because it isn't totally level and I did dig in to the base in the one corner a little.  I was really excited to get a picture of the freshly drug ring, then I realized it look like a drunk monkey had been driving.  Maybe next time I will drink and see if that straightens out my lines any.

Drunk monkey lines don't look quite as bad from the ground

I did some other boring chores like laundry and cleaning.  I didn't get my tacked clean, but hopefully I will do that this week on Stinker's day off.  I also got in a couple of good trail rides, which will probably get their own post.  Overall, we are settling into a routine.  I just need to figure out how to get things into a more efficient routine.


  1. Finding a new routine when so many things have changed can be hard -- but sounds like you're making progress! 😀 I think the arena looks good!

  2. Farm maintenance is a lot of work, even with all the fancy gadgets. ;-)

  3. It is hard to set a routine at first but will get easier. I have used a landscape rake to get at places my drag coudn't or shouldn't get to. Ed and I always say that every year we find a solution to another problem (which sometimes creates a different problem...)

    1. I am planning on raking in the future, but time is a rate limiting factor at the moment. Hopefully I will get the routine down quickly.