Friday, September 25, 2015


I am jumping on this whole goals thing since I like to have a plan.  And what do you know goals fit into plans nicely.

So shiny!

Goals for human:

  • Increase core strength so I can ride a certain little Stinker Pony...
  • Ride in 2 point at least twice a week on my own. S typically makes me do some during our lessons but I have to wait until my ankle is stronger.
  • Be able to run (aka slow job) 5k by the end of December.

Goals for Stinker:

  • Stay healthy!!!
  • Continue to work on relaxing and rhythm. 
  • Work on stretching.
  • Gallop once a week.
  • Left bend!

Goals for Pongo:

  • Continue to work on consistency.
  • Focus on bending through the rib cage
  • Jump at least once a week (this must wait on the ankle)
  • Ride the high side to continue to work on loosening the right hind

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