Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Safety In Eventing

This is a hot topic in the event world and normally I would not bring up a topic that could potentially cause a debate. Mainly because I dislike even the mildest of conflicts. Anyway, I saw an article that sparked my interest. Michael Jung broke his leg in a fall at an event on September 3rd.

Not only did he ride a second horse in the same 4* but he also rode in another event this past weekend. He waited almost two weeks and continued to compete at the upper most levels of this sport WITH A BROKEN LEG!!! Now I do not have the details of where the break was or if he saw a doctor and I totally understand why he did what he did. But what bothers me is how many people think he is awesome for doing it.

Personally, I think he is freaking insane and very lucky not to have had another accident. Could you imagine the backlash that would have occurred if he had been in another fall and it came to light that he was riding with a broken leg? And what about the younger riders that idolize him? They think because he can do it they should ride through injuries. 

I think Michael Jung is a fantastic rider and I hope he makes a speedy recovery. I just hope that others see the danger they are putting themselves and their horses in when they ride with injuries. Not to mention the long term damage that can be done to their bodies. Know your limits and take care of your body people. You only get one and the majority of us aren't depending on the ponies for the paycheck, so use your melon. *Climbs off soapbox*

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