Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dumbo's Feather

On my post about the neck strap someone commented that it was like Dumbo's feather, and it is so true.  I really only need it for a few strides here and there now.  The first day I rode with it, I was clinging to it like it was a life raft.  But I was able to show Stinker what I wanted from him, and he aims to please.  Every ride I have been using it less and less.

We have early mornings

I feel like the trot is really starting to improve.  Sure he is inconsistent in the contact and locking his neck is still his preferred place to go, but I can keep his hind end working and up underneath me.  We still have a fair amount of back lifting that needs to happen, but it will come with time.

Mini Obsessed

So far we have played with ground poles, trotted on hills, and have been doing things that I didn't think we could manage yet.  Yesterday, I realized I have finally managed to activate some of the little bitty muscles in my butt I never use, so that is progress I suppose.  I am starting to get hopeful about things, so I am sure his brain will fall out at some point this week.  In the meantime, I am enjoying Dumbo's feather.


  1. Ha I love the analogy too - definitely apt. But whatever, right? We take what we can get when it comes to confidence!! Glad Stinker is doing so well :)

  2. We all need Dumbo's feather! I'm glad that it's going well for you.

    1. Me too! I'm sure we will run into another problem soon but I'm enjoying this while it lasts.

  3. ;) A huge part of riding is in our head....

  4. Hopefully no brain-falling occurs! So glad things are improving for you two!

  5. Glad to hear there is trot improvement!! 😀

  6. Awesome to hear that there is improvement! Riding is definitely a very mental thing. Anything that helps you get confidence back is 110% worth it!