Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hiking and Trail Ride

When SB came down, I drug her on a trail ride.  You know you have a great friend when they let you toss them on a strange horse and drag you out into the hills.  I even got her to trot and canter a little and everyone behaved.  We kept it pretty light and easy, but it was a fun day with lots of pictures.

This past weekend, I decided to drag my mom on a hike.  I have an obsession with waterfalls and think they are basically the best thing ever.  So I found a trail that went to a waterfall and off we went.  We even brought Socks (her dog), who is a total creeper and almost as unphotogenic as I am.

It was a short loop (about a mile), but I realized I am not in as terrible shape as I thought.  I have been having a lot of issues with my asthma lately (breathing seems to be optional) and I wanted to keep it short so I didn't die.  But I was totally fine.



  1. Sounds like lots of fun out in nature! I hear you on the asthma front, everything is blooming here in New England and the air quality is terrible. But it's pretty, and yay spring?
    My asthma is generally really well controlled to the point I kind of forget about it until I can't breath. And then I'm like why? Oh right...

    1. That is what happens to me. Usually it’s totally fine and then something major triggers it.

  2. Sounds like some wonderful outings!