Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Stinker and I had another lesson this past weekend and I finally feel like things are coming together.  He is slowly figuring out the trot and settling into the bridle and staying rideable.  My position needs to get steadier, but it is a lot easier to fix when he isn't inverting and trying to speed off every time I shift my weight.

He still wants to lock up and zip off on straight lines, but I am slowly getting the tools to catch it earlier and redirect.  I can't get over how good he feels when I use shoulder in/haunches in to prevent him from locking up.  I can really feel him lift his back and use his hind in.  I think that as he continues to build strength the trot work will only get easier.

I also can't believe the progress he has made with the canter.  After the EPM it was four beat and felt terrible.  The better he gets in the trot, the more the canter is just there.  Trainer loves his canter and is so impressed with how adjustable he is.

There is always so much to work on and sometimes I feel like I am not getting anywhere because there is no way we could go ride any test yet.  But the reality is he just needs more time and strength (story of our lives).  The potential is there and slow and steady work will get us there.


  1. even 1% improvement adds up over time. He is looking so much more comfortable and happy.

  2. Sometimes I think the hardest part of riding and showing is just being patient. But it's a little easier when you can see the progress. Things are coming along for you guys!

  3. He's so lucky to have such a patient owner 🙂 and one who moved him out to paradise, with all the mountain trails for him to work that booty!