Thursday, May 10, 2018

Square It Up

My lesson on Saturday was really really good.  I am still struggling with my position, but the photographic evidence helped me to realize what I am doing.  Unfortunately like many things figuring out the problem is the easy part.  Fixing it is the hard part.

After several pretzel attempts I sort of got myself straightened out.  Well at least until we started working on the canter.  Apparently it is rather difficult to pick up the right lead when your rider keeps shoving your hips left.  Poor Stinker is so tolerant and keeps trying for me.  He even did a clean lead change when I was wiggling around trying to get myself straight.

Of course he still struggles with the whole concept of repeating things does not mean something was wrong, so the repeated canter attempts resulted in him getting a case of the zooms.  There were a couple of times where steering got a little questionable, but Stinker decided to agree with me that turning and not running into the wall was the best option for everyone.


  1. Being straight is so hard! But once you see and can feel what's happening it's easier to start to fix it. You guys look fantastic!

    1. So hard! I don’t even know how I collapse like that.

  2. Media is so handy for stuff like that since sometimes being a pretzel feels normal (at least for me) and straightening out seems super weird!

    1. Me: is that better
      Trainer: no
      Me: what about now
      Trainer: that’s worse
      Me: 🤦‍♀️