Friday, July 14, 2017

Cattle Sorting

This past weekend we were looking at hay to buy and the place mentioned that the next day they were having a cow sorting competition the next day.  It has been a struggle to find anything that my dad has enjoyed since the move.  He is upset that he had to leave Wyoming and doesn't understand that his options were a nursing home or moving here where we could get more help with his health.  So my mom decided to drag him to the cow sorting.

I steal

It turned out to be lots of fun.  Basically there are two riders that enter two pens separated by an opening about the width of a gate.  One one side there are 10 cows bunched and as soon as the riders cross through the gate a number is called out and they have to pick that cow out and sort it into the other pen.  You then continue in chronological order until time runs out or all the cows have been sorted.  If a cow comes back or the wrong number goes through you don't get a time.

So adorable

There was this one little chestnut horse that I absolutely adored.  She (I think) had some serious moves and even saved some rides when a cow was sneaking up behind and the rider didn't see.  It made me almost miss having a cow horse.  They are fun rides and you learn to keep your butt in the tack and feel your horse.  Hopefully we will get to go back, because I had a blast and the people were super friendly (despite me showing up in breeches).


  1. I hope your dad enjoyed it as well. I am sorry that he does not understand why. cow horses are amazing.

  2. Seeing a good cow horse track a cow is magical -- I don't think I could ever stay on while they did it, haha, but it's awesome to watch!

  3. I love watching cow work. We got to do sorting at the dude ranch we went to 2 years ago and I really want to try it with my own horses.

  4. Sounds like a good start in the neighborhood.