Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ponyless Adventures Part 1

Last week I had the fun 16 hour trip out to Wyoming, supervising movers for a day and then 16 hours back.  During that time SB was all "OMG ZOE ISN'T COMING UNTIL NEXT WEEK WHAT DO I DO WITH MYSELF????"  I suggested that she come down for the weekend and we could hang out and play with Stinker and Cowboy.

Who wouldn't want to meet these two? (PC: Aimee)

Friday, we were both driving and I was a little ahead of her and I was listening to the radio and heard that there was a fire really really really freaking close to where I live (as in where I had been trail riding).  I frantically started calling my mom but between crap cell service and her not actually being home left me to hyperventilate while I am driving.  Finally (in reality it was like five minutes but it felt forever) I got ahold of her.  They weren't home but she said they would be home in 10 minutes.

I was stressing out because the radio kept talking about evacuations and road closures and I was formulating a plan for my mom to get the horses and my dad out of there (a chore and half).  Finally, she got home and called me and said it wasn't that close (we have different definitions of that close) but I tried to calm down.  It turned out that the main way I take to get home was closed, but the fire wasn't where the radio previously stated.  And the evacuations that they were talking about were for another fire up north.

Sass in the house

I really didn't calm down until I got home, and then sent SB very specific directions on how to reroute around the closures.  SB was being a good citizen and didn't see the message until too late.  Then she tried to call but technology hates me and that didn't happen.  Finally, we got in touch and I got her directed correctly.

Finally, she arrived with Teeny in tow (insert squealing here because he is freaking adorable and fun).  We tossed her things down, walked Teeny, drooled over the pretties she brought (because #teamfundZoe), and went out to see the ponies.  Stinker was fine until I picked out his one foot and then he was OMG I'M DYING AND CAN'T PUT WEIGHT ON THAT FOOT.  I make fun of him for being a drama queen, but the reality is when he says ow something hurts it probably really really hurts.  I have seen him very banged up still trotting around because standing is for lame horses.

Teeny in the sunset

Needless to say that put a damper on my grand plans of taking them out on the trails.  But really SB and I were both exhausted and wanted a relaxing weekend with minimal responsibilities.  Plus hard cider because it is delicious.


  1. Wahhhhh still so jealous of your super fun weekend and getting to personally handle so many of Aimee's pretties. *sob*

    But I guess I'll get over it, because I know I'm gonna get tons more fun Aimee photos of Stinker and Cowboy and Teeny :-D haha

  2. what an awesome getaway weekend for both of you!! bummer Stinker had an ouchy foot but you guys really seemed to make the most of the time anyway!!

  3. You didn't mention my car got attacked by a bird. A BIRD.

    <3 TEENY

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  5. Sorry- my comment went all weird. I just said that I was happy you were able to distract SB during this critical time. :)

  6. Ponies love to mess with your plans. Hope he's feeling better soon!
    And yay for blogger fun!

  7. Yikes about the fires, but it sounds like an otherwise good time. Also, SO MUCH TEENY CUTENESS.