Friday, July 28, 2017

Quarter 3 Goals (Only a Month Late)

I thought about doing this at the beginning of the month, but everything was in flux.  I had been moving ever since April, but things are finally starting to settle and it seemed like a good time to review and actually take a look at things.  Thankfully I tried to set myself up for success since I knew life was going to be crazy.

2017 Year Goals

  • Solid WTC (This actually seems like a possibility)
  • Travel new places (Well I think half way across the country out to count.  He did better than I could have hoped for)
  • Schooling shows (This was more to help prep for moving, so I don't care if I hit up any more this year)
  • Happy and healthy (So far so good!)
  • Improve my position (Well I thought it was doing better until I started riding Cowboy.  It needs some serious work.)
  • Get my stress shopping under control (I did really well until I actually got moved and proceeded to buy basically everything Aimee would sell me #noregrets)
  • Improve my fitness (I am doing better.  Getting out of the humidity has helped me a lot but I still need to do more)

All the pretties

Quarter 2 Goals

  • Maintain as much as possible despite having a nutty human (He has really settled now that he is 8 and I am pretty proud of how he is doing.)
  • Keep him happy and healthy (So far so good.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and crazy in check.)
  • Sanity (It is slowly returning)
Honestly this quarter went way better than I could have imagined.  Between moving my life, plus work, plus all the other life changes, worrying about a relapse with EPM, I don't think it could have gone better.  Stinker has settled right in and picked right back up and since I am not as stressed the rides have been much more straight forward.

Quarter 3 Goals

  • Find a trainer
  • Keep building the strength
  • Utilize the hills 2x a week
  • Learn how to walk down said hills
  • Keep working on fitness
  • Adjust to new routine of commute and horses at home
  • Keep working Cowboy
I am really excited to see how this year ends up.  Stinker has a brain that is in his head 90% of the time (he wouldn't be Stinker if it was 100% of the time).  He is letting me ride him without OMG I JUST CAN'T moments every time I change something.  He is still his sensitive self, but is more willing to roll with the punches.  Hopefully with real hills to ride on I can pack muscle on his butt and back to give him the strength he needs to be able to really carry himself.  We have moments of wow this horse might be able to do it, but it is a stride here and a stride there with no consistency (yet).


  1. You know that whole move the parents, the horse, new job, new home, new horse would have made me give up on any goal other then survival. You are amazing.

    1. The horse was the only thing holding my sanity together and it was pretty touch and go for awhile.

  2. So glad the cross country move went so well and that both you and Stinker are happy and healthy!

  3. I really can't believe how well the two of you traveled, all things considered. Hope to see you again soon!