Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I have been really impressed with Cowboy so far.  I have been using him to explore the trails and just get a feel for what is spooky to him and how he reacts to life situations before I turn my mom loose with him.  Since he has had so little riding we are sticking to about an hour of walking since that seems to get him a good workout without over tiring him.  Getting back into shape is hard yo (I need to do it too).

We found some real hills

So far Cowboy has only objected to humans and human related things.  Mostly he just plants his feet and snorts.  Sometimes there is a little side stepping, but nothing major.  There is a metal cutout of a wolf (my mom claims it is a coyote) in the front yard and he snorts at that.  He isn't a fan of bicycles or sprinkles (large irrigation ones).  Traffic makes him a little nervous.  When he sees people hiking he stares at them really hard and sometimes forgets to watch where he is putting his feet.  But overall I haven't found any true issue with him, which makes me very happy.  He is such a sweet guy.

He wiggled at the end but it turned out fairly well


  1. He sounds like he will be a super cool horse for your mom with just a few more wet saddle blankets under his belt. I can't wait to see photos of you both riding out together! :)

  2. Wahoo, he seems like such a good soul.

  3. So glad you found him! Sounds like a solid citizen.

    1. I'm still bummed you didn't get to ride. But next time!

  4. He sounds like a great find. I'm sure the more you do with him the less he'll be bothered by all of those things.

  5. Awesome trails. Looks like many good times ahead.