Friday, July 7, 2017

Final Lessons Parts 2 and 3

I was originally saving these because I didn't think I would have my horse for another couple of weeks, and was hoarding blog fodder.  Right before I left, my favorite dressage judge came for the weekend.  The weather was total crap, because it has been raining nonstop for quite awhile now.  But I had a good lesson on Friday, and then on Saturday I had S ride Stinker.

Blurry screenshot for the win

I wanted to give her some confidence since she is always worried that she will mess him up (total lies but I can understand the paranoia).  I thought a lesson would be a good way to give her a boost before I disappeared and and she was the only one dealing with him until he shipped.  They did really well together.  The arena had puddles everywhere and he tends to get short and choppy in sloppy footing.  I don't blame him, slipping around is no fun.

I am making all things purple (not pictured is the purple saddle rack)

On Sunday, I got another lesson.  I was so impressed with him.  He stayed rideable the entire weekend and we got to add in a couple new exercises.  My favorite one was turning down centerline, leg yielding into a turn on the forehand.  This was really helpful in getting him to step up and under with his hind.  I already am missing my lessons, but I am working on trying some new trainers.  I am sure that will be an adventure and a half.


  1. It's hard to start over finding new trainers. I hope your search is quick and easy. I love the purple.

  2. lol i think charlie would fall on his face trying to do that centerline-leg yield-TOF exercise haha. sounds like a great last weekend with your A-team!! hopefully you find some really great resources in the new place too!

    1. Stinker is quite nimble. It is a matter of putting that to good use.

  3. I'm so glad you had a productive lesson before you left! I also heartily approve of all the matchy 😍